New Construction


New owners or contractors must request a will serve letter which outlines the fees associated with new construction. Once those fees are paid the construction process can begin.

Owners/contractors must provide building plans, fill out a new owner application and provide proof of ownership. Once these steps have all been completed you can request your water meter to be installed. Once the water meter is installed, monthly water charges will be billed.

Once the builder notifies the Helendale CSD that they are ready for the sewer connection to be inspected, the District will issue a sewer permit and provide the permit to the wastewater department for inspection.

District staff will complete and tag the sewer connection so that San Bernardino County can perform their final inspection. Once the sewer connection is inspected, monthly sewer charges will be billed.

To request a Will Serve letter, water meter or sewer inspection, please contact the office at 760-951-0006 ext. 221