When you use your toilet, shower, sink, washing machine and dishwasher, keep in mind that whatever leaves your home through your pipes ends up at the wastewater treatment plant.

Many items that people flush or pour down the drain can be very harmful to not only the pipes in your home but to the community sewer system. Putting the wrong things down the toilet or drains can cause sewer backups, clogs, and have the potential of harming the environment.

The only thing (other than waste) that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper.

Here is a short list of items to keep out of the toilet. 
• Flushable wipes
• Paper Towels
• Disposable diapers
• Tampons and tampon applicators
• Sanitary napkins
• Cotton balls and swabs
• Mini or maxi pads
• Condoms
• Cleaning wipes of any kind
• Facial tissue.
• Dental Floss
• Contact lenses
• Bandages and bandage wrappings
• Cigarette butts
• Automotive fluids
• Paint, solvents, sealants and thinners
• Poisons and hazardous waste
• Pet poop
• Medication/Drugs
• Fats, Oils, and Grease

Prescription Drugs

Treatment Plants aren’t designed to filter prescription and over the counter drugs out of the water they treat. When flushed these products can contaminate water sources.
To find a medication takeback location near you click on the links below.

California Product Stewardship Council - Don't Rush to Flush Statewide Takeback Locator

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) - Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations

More information on DEA National Drug Take Back Day.

“Flushable” Wipes

Disposable or flushable wipes are common in many households; however, they can cause major problems when they are flushed down the toilet. Disposable wipes don’t break down like toilet paper does and can cause clogs in your home's sewer pipes as well as create problems for the community wastewater collection and treatment equipment. Wipes can get caught in the sewer pipes and create a clog or get drawn into sewer line and wastewater treatment plant pumps clogging and damaging them.

Even if the wipes you use in your home are labeled “flushable,” please do not flush them. The clogs, backups and damage to equipment in the wastewater system and at the plant can be costly.