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in     by Administrator 12/16/2021

San Bernardino County is updating the Housing Element as required by the State.  The Housing Element identifies the County’s existing and projected housing needs and sets forth goals, policies, programs and actions that are the foundation of the County’s housing strategy. 


The County posted the Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element for public review at: Microsoft Word - HousingElement_CWP_TechReport_Draft_2021_Nov.docx (sbcounty.gov). Please also feel free to share this link with other members of your organization and community. 


For specific questions or concerns regarding the Housing Element update you may contact Karen Watkins, Planning Manager at Karen.Watkins@lus.sbcounty.gov.  Comment letters may be sent to the following address:


Karen Watkins

Land Use Services Department

San Bernardino County

365 N. Arrowhead Ave, First Floor

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0187 



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